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AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Course design and asynchronous Learning in the Italian Classroom

  • 21 Nov 2015
  • 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM
  • Convention Center 29B
Chiara Fabbian, Uni. of Illinois at Chicago

Course Design and Asynchronous Learning in the Italian Classroom

Session 2666

Content and Purpose:
The panel will discuss critical issues and challenges encountered with blended Italian courses and will explore best practices to integrate technology into language instruction. In particular, the panel will discuss curriculum design, the process of creating effective digital content, and issues faced by teachers and students in the technology enhanced classroom. The presentation will also provide evidence of successful implementation of tools such as Wimba Voice Board, QuickTime Screen Recordings and Google Earth in the language classroom.
Participants will learn strategies for successfully implementing technologies that enhance language instruction while increasing cultural awareness and independence from textbooks. They will gain knowledge on how to create online activities that contribute to discussions of cultural content and meaningful target language interaction among students.
Strategies for Engagement:
Through the demonstration of sample task-based activities for at-home and in-class interactive exercises, as well as students' survey results, and Power Point presentations, the audience will be immersed and actively involved in a collaborative research based discussion about best practices and strategies for asynchronous learning.
The panel examines methodologies and best practices that can enhance instruction by utilizing e-learning environments while addressing language program demand for relevant authentic input material.

Learning and teaching


11:15 AM - 12:15 PM

San Diego convention Center Room 29B

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