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AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: The World Is Not Flat, So Why Are Our Textbooks

  • 22 Nov 2015
  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Conv Center 23B

Amy Rossomondo, U Kansas
Gillian Lord, U Florida

The World Is Not Flat, So Why Are Our Textbooks

Session 3293

Language educators are eager to transform their teaching by embracing new technologies, be they digital tools, Web-based resources, or ancillaries that accompany textbook packages. While there is no doubt that digital materials facilitate opportunities for exposing learners to authentic language and structuring interaction at a distance, many wonder when and how these technologies will cease to be add-ons and begin to serve a more integrative function in transforming language teaching and learning. 
In this session we propose that the paper-based textbook has outlived its usefulness in today's world, logistically and pedagogically. We focus on two aspects of the future paperless classroom: what students do on their own time and how; and what can be done during class time and how. Specific examples are provided from an existing digital learning environment and a project in development in Spanish, but the theoretical and practical principles are applicable to any language and level.

Learning and teaching, Planning for the learner

About Spanish, in English

Administration, Higher Ed


10:00:00 AM

11:00:00 AM

San Diego Convention Center room 23B

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