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AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Inventions, Innovations, Connections: STEM and German Literature

  • 18 Nov 2017
  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (EST)
  • Music City Center, Room 211

Gabi Eichmanns, Carnegie Mellon University

Erika Berroth, Southwestern University

Inventions, Innovations, Connections: STEM and German Literature

Strategies to connect language learning to the development of 21st century literacies include:

Integrating literary texts with science topics, hands-on learning scenarios that guide students to make connections between representations of scientists and their innovations and inventions, and the facts and emotions of climate change. Students interact with culturally authentic materials like current statistics on climate change, current application materials for internships in German research labs. Students develop intercultural knowledge and competence as they identify and engage ethical questions raised in science contexts and increase awareness of global issues.

Participants can select literary texts and authentic materials suitable for connecting STEM and L2 topics.

Participants cam implement a variety of teaching strategies to engage students in project based learning, interdisciplinary learning, and reflection on ethical questions.

Participants can assess student learning outcomes in developments of intercultural knowledge and competence, critical and analytical skills, and writing proficiency.

Literary texts dealing with innovations, inventions, and visions of the effects of climate change in Cli-Fi - climate fiction will be introduced in the context of the curriculum.

Audience is invited to consider sample texts and on-line materials: exemplary passages highlighting ethical questions raised in scientific contexts will elicit brief discussions.

Illustrations of student work generate ideas for adaptations of pedagogy and materials for use in audience members' teaching contexts.

Presentations invite Q and A - shared resources for assessments

Program Guide Description:

Emphasis on connecting and integrating STEM, German literature, and ethical questions in the sciences represented in literary texts. Kehlmann's Die Vermessung der Welt, Brecht's Leben des Galilei, and examples of climate fiction engage students in exploring the possibilities and limits of science and research and questions of accountability.



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10:00:00 AM

11:00:00 AM

Music Center, Room 211

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