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AATI/AAUSC paper session @ ACTFL

  • 23 Nov 2013
  • 12:30 PM - 1:45 PM
  • Salon 23 (Rosen Centre Hotel)
Innovation through Cooperation - Learning Together and Achieving Together

Session Chair:  Colleen Ryan
Presenters: Giorgio Corda, Silvia Dupont, Valerio Ferme

Description: The session will include a brief introduction to the principles of Cooperative Learning; examples of CL-focused activities in the traditional class; a description and analysis of the implementation of CL activities in a blended class; examples of CL activities outside the classroom in the advanced language curriculum; and a discussion of the pedagogical outcomes in each situation. Presentations include "Travelling through Learning Spaces: Bringing Cooperative Learning into A Hybrid Class" (Corda); "Breaking the Barriers: Socializing and Cooperative Learning in the Traditional Classroom" (Dupont); and "(Inter)acting: Blending Performance and Curricular Goals Inside and Outside the Advanced Language Classroom" (Ferme).

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